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Intelsint products are among the most important tools for laboratories in preparing human tissue samples for the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. Intelsint tools are designed to guarantee high performance and obtain constant results.

Intelsint’s main objectives are the continuous improvement of their products, the design of new and innovative tools with the aim of satisfying the needs of its customers, and the positioning of its company at the highest levels of medical technology.

Intelsint’s tools are designed by their team of in-house engineers to meet the most stringent standards of quality, safety, and reliability. Every single production step is under the control of the quality control system. Each feature is designed to best meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

PSI® was selected as the U.S. Importer of Intelsint in January 2020. During the past 2 years of COVID19 outbreak we have been preparing our launch of the Intelsint Products with the following:

Our preparation has included the following:

  • Setting up our Import and Training Center
  • Setting up a showroom
  • Enlisting dealers across the country for local sales and service
  • Training new dealers
  • Identifying previous owners of Intelsint products
  • Selling and servicing Intelsint products
  • Validating Intelsint products with our in-house Applications Specialist for the U.S. market
  • Preparing for the 2022 4th quarter launch of Intelsint Products

To that end I am pleased and proud to ask you to join my team at PSI® in welcoming INTELSINT PRODUCTS TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Please view the equipment below and click on the device to download its brochure.






Tissue Processor


Tissue Processor


Combo Unit

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